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Extended Deadline: MIDPOINT Cold Open 2024 

The call for MIDPOINT Cold Open, a specialized program tailored for independent feature film producers aspiring to transition into the realm of high-quality series content, has now been extended until November 24! 

November 21, 2023 programs

Participation in the Cold Open program provides attendees with:

✺ In-depth knowledge pertaining to the development, production, and financing of drama series content in Europe.

✺ A comprehensive overview of the prevailing landscape and priorities within the European series industry.

✺ An opportunity to acquire a profound understanding of the narrative, conceptual, and structural distinctions between feature films and scripted series.

✺ Hands-on skills in financing and distributing scripted series content.

This initiative is brought to you in collaboration with our dear partner, When East Meets West.

Who can apply

✺ Producers with a background in feature-film production who aspire to make a foray into the world of high-end series. 
✺ Producers coming from Europe, Canada, and Latin America.
✺ Applicants have the option to submit to a maximum of two different labs; however, attendance at only one Inspirational Lab is possible. 
✺ If you have already submitted an application for other When East Meets West activities, you may also apply for the Inspirational Labs.

Date and venue

✺ January 21 - 24, 2024, Trieste, Italy

✺ 250 EUR per participant for the entire session
(The participation fee includes accreditation, tuition fee, two lunches, and access to the on-site WEMW program. Travel costs and accommodation are not included.)


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