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Editing Room Focus Ukraine report 2022 

The MIDPOINT Editing Room is a post-production programme tailored to the needs of specific film projects. For the 2022 edition, we have introduced Focus Ukraine. 

December 12, 2022

One of the selected projects is The Glass House, directed by Taras Dron and produced by Igor Savychenko.
And how was their experience with us?
"Our film was shot on 35 mm, so there is not much material to add. Also, we worked almost without playback, and that affected the shooting process. The director worked almost like people did in the olden days, and kept the whole script and his creative idea in his head, not relying on the help of playback. Nevertheless, Editing Room mentor Tomáš Doruška came up with some exciting overall ideas that would change the film's direction. In the last few sessions, he helped with minor but important details. In addition, it’s good that we had an outsider's view of our film – this is our ‘first viewer’.”

The second project participating in this program is When We Were 15, directed by Anna Buryachkova and produced by Natalia Libet and Vitalii Sheremetiev. 
This team worked together with the program mentor Ivo Trajkov: "Having a film in the final-edit stage means you are over-involved and sometimes don’t see what is wrong in your story any more. You may be missing some parts, some emotional connections might not be working correctly, and sometimes, you have basic storytelling problems that are difficult to see without taking a step back. Ivo is giving us a lot of valuable pieces of advice, and together with his passionate involvement in the material, it’s providing a super workflow. I’m grateful for such an opportunity.”

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MIDPOINT participants: Taras Dron, Igor Savychenko
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