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Editing Room 1: Selected Projects and Editing Trainee

From Rough Cut to Exceptional Film! 

November 23, 2021 programs

The first phase of our post-production service program MIDPOINT Editing Room welcomes the following projects.

Chrysanthemum Day by Alina Gorlova and Simon Mozgovyi / Ukraine, North Macedonia
Eternity Package by Magdelena Ilieva and Jonathan Heidelberger / Bulgaria

We are also excited to welcome on board editing trainee Olga Michalik,
who will observe both 3-hour long consultations led by tutor Ivo Trajkov and participate in the consulting process as well.

The consultations are taking place online this week,
check out our website for more information about the program.
If you are still interested in post-production consultations, do not hesitate and contact program coordinator Kristyna Plhonova.

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Chrysanthemum Day

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Eternity Package

Bobby is a struggling funeral agent in a small Bulgarian town whose life is collapsing: his wife is leaving him, his corrupt competitor is monopolizing all the corpses in town, and his only client ...
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