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Berlinale Talents welcomes MIDPOINT project

Elinor Nechemya, Israeli writer/director, will join Script Station

January 27, 2016 success stories

We are very happy to see among 300 Berlinale Talents of 2016 the MIDPOINT graduate.  
Elinor Nechemya and her feature-lenght project Present Progressive was selected to participate in Berlinale Talent´s Script Station! 
Elinor participated with Present Progressive in MIDPOINT: International Script Development Workshops (Feature Launch) in 2015. 

A drama of plastic surgery vs. a synagogue, taking place in contemporary-distorted Israeli suburbia. While her husband wages all-out war to build a synagogue in their neighborhood, Levana, a 60-year-old woman, tries to maintain control over her life and body.

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A husband, a wife and their Arab illegal worker, live happily ever after in a dreamy mansion surrounded by blooming gardens, in a bourgeois suburb. The triangle turns dangerous and poisonous as time ...
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