Now reading: Apply to Series Launch 2022 (previously known as TV Launch)


Apply to Series Launch 2022 (previously known as TV Launch)

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David Csicskar, writer, TV Launch 2021 alumnus


Previously known as TV Launch, Series Launch is a residential "idea-to-market” training program for drama series, targeting and tailoring its content primarily for emerging professionals coming from the Central and Eastern European region (detailed eligibility info here).

December 09, 2021 programs

Series Launch / Project Development
The program accepts both limited or ongoing long form series. The nine selected projects go through an intensive four-module program and are built from the “bottom-up”: the training focuses on defining the series concept and theme, completing the pilot, creating season arc, season outlines, pitching documents and a financing strategy. 

Series Launch / Development Executive Training
The development process that the Series Launch projects go through is used as a platform to train three attending development executive participants, who will be trained for their future role of commissioning editors or heads of development on real, existing series projects, acquiring skills needed for developing a diverse range of projects.

The projects as well as development executive participants will be pitched within the showcase in Tallinn, Estonia at Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

MIDPOINT Series Launch is realized with the support of the Creative Europe – MEDIA programme of the European Union.


Projects – teams of writers and producers, possibly also directors (if attached)

Aspiring Development Executives – individual participants, who may, but not necessarily have to, be connected to a broadcaster.


Pre-Training for both creative teams with projects and development executive participants / online, April 2022
Workshop 1/ Czech Republic, April 2022
Workshop 2 / Slovakia, June 2022
Workshop 3/ Tallinn, Estonia (within Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event), November 2022

The training also includes online consultations with tutors in between the residential workshops. 

1,800 EUR per participant for the whole training
The tuition, board and accommodation is offered within the participation fee. Travel costs should be covered by the participants themselves. Scholarships are available


You can find more information and access the application here, many questions can be answered within our FAQ section and in the application guide.

The program schedule and the form of the organization inevitably depend on the development of the coronavirus pandemic situation.

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