Feature debut By a Sharp Knife by director and co-writer Teodor Kuhn was developed within our Feature Launch program in 2013; with additional follow-up consultations within the Feature Launch in 2014.

July 22, 2020 success stories

By a Sharp Knife / 2019 / Slovakia, Czech Republic

Teodor recalls the workshop back in 2013:

"I went to MIDPOINT because it helped me immensely during the development of my short film. Even though the workshops were just as helpful with my first feature, I later realized that the whole premise of the script at that point was wrong, and after MIDPOINT finished, I changed everything I possibly could, including the main character. But that's the stuff you deal with while being a beginner screenwriter."

Film producer Jakub Viktorin, who also participated in the workshops, describes the festival life of By the Sharp Knife:

"So far film was screened at festivals in more than 10 countries. We got main award at Febiofest in Prague or an award for best director at Cottbus IFF. We have 8 nominations at our National Academy Awards Sun in Net in Slovakia (the award ceremony will be held in September)."

What are guys up to now?  

Teodor: "We are working on several scripts. With one of them, I am actually thinking of trying MIDPOINT again, since I now have a lot more experience and it could benefit the project. So maybe see you again?"

Jakub: "I am currently working on feature film debut Victim by Michal Blasko or feature puppet animation debute by Filip Posivac. Both to be international co-productions.”

Ludovit has lost his son to a ruthless neo-nazi attack. But, due to a failing in the Slovak legislation, the attackers are soon released and Ludovit is faced with an absurd instance of injustice. He struggles with the apathetic police force, the opportunistic judge, but also with the fact that he was never really close to his own son. The more he blames himself for his son's death, the more his relationship with his wife Zuzana and younger daughter Janka falls apart, and the more he tries to influence the investigation.

The film can be watched at HBO, iTunes and also on 

Official Facebook page of the film:

Director: Teodor Kuhn
Writer: Jakub Medvecky, Teodor Kuhn
Cinematography: Denisa Buranova
Editor: Pavel Hrdlicka ml.
Producer: Jakub Viktorin
Production: Nutprodukcia
Co-production: Nutprodukce, RTVS
Main cast: Roman Luknar, Ela Lehotska, David Hartl, Miroslav Krobot

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By a Sharp Knife

Ľudovít has lost his son to a ruthless neo-Nazi attack. But, due to a failing in the Slovak legislation, the attackers are soon released and Ľudovít is faced with an absurd instance of injustice. He ...
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